Hiderigami seemed to recognize Wang Xuan’s breath and wanted to rush, but turned around and pounced on the ground.

"I can’t run!"
Guo Shouqing smiled indifferently, and the charm in his hand had already been lit.
Smoke fills the air is almost a moment around the swill instantaneous solidification.
The method of soil movement is to divide the earth and stone by means of the flow of the earth, otherwise it will be easy to swim through the thick earth again.
Sure enough, the earth and stone were scattered all over the floor, and Hiderigami only had two arms to go deep
Hiderigami roared at three people like a trapped beast.
Wang Xuan was indifferent and patted the oil lamp on his chest and ticked it again.
Two figures hit instantly.
Still as good as time.
Hiderigami’s copper skin and iron bones are difficult to pierce.
Wang Xuan Liuhe Youlong’s gun is watertight and will be entangled in death.
But this time there are two more helpers.
The white shadow flashed to see Chen Xianyu ling, but the white silk has wrapped Hiderigami into zongzi like a python.
I don’t know if this white silk is a multiplier, but it seems thin but tough than Hiderigami’s struggle.
What’s even more amazing is that the white silk fog rises immediately. Hiderigami seems to have lost his mind. Stupid wait for a while kept shaking his head in situ.
However, Chen Xianyu has already landed on the jade palm of Sandy.
It seems gentle but heavy.
Around air billow, the mud is splashing.
Hiderigami forehead was dented back.
What a fierce bitch!
Wang Xuan a fiercely in my heart.
Just now, when the white silk fog rose, even he was in a trance for a moment.
No wonder the Tsing Yi Pavilion can become the first pulse of the Dayan Pear Garden. With this horrible illusion and real palm power, most people can hardly resist it.
Of course, Jianghu battles have their own strengths.
The four elephant armies together, not to mention illusion, can also deal with monsters, but if you fight alone, you can’t prevent all kinds of strange spells.
Hiderigami’s head collapsed a bit, but it didn’t matter at all. He broke free from the dreamland and struggled wildly while his body rose and cracked as if he were going to burn at any time.
Chen envy fish face a change refers to a hook instantly recover white silk.
Wang Xuanze has already risen and twisted his steel gun, and the cold wind around him roared and rolled up. The snow and ice whirlwind visible to the naked eye stabbed Hiderigami’s head
The fighting spirit is full of energy!
Wang Xuan, Hiderigami just killed and waited for this.
In the gale, Chen Xianyu’s sideburns turned over and his face was solemn.