Zhang Jiao thought for a long time before slowly saying, "I dare not release this Xue Ju. It’s so weird that it’s a hot day for me to hold purple light beads."

"Palm teach going to act? It’s always bad to go back on our word if we accept somebody else’s treasure. This is detrimental to the reputation of palm teaching. "Jade Duxiu joked with a hint.
"I’d like to go back on our word at this time. Why don’t you go back on your word? I owe you a favor and take this opportunity to push this matter out." Zhang Jiao looked at Yu Duxiu.
Yu Duxiu lowered his eyebrows and looked down without looking at Zhang Jiao. He ignored his words and got so many treasures that Yu Duxiu wouldn’t let go. "It was Zhang Jiao who personally told me to maximize my interests."
Zhang Jiao’s wry smile really threw a stone at his own foot. "Do you have any ideas for being wily?"
Jade Duxiu pondered for a while and said, "Since Xue Ju is so important, simply let Xue Ju out and send someone to secretly peg Xue Ju’s fox tail. Sooner or later, it will be revealed that there is something strange about the Xue family."
"Fine, just do as you say." Zhang Jiao took a palm and made a decision.
"Now you and I go to the ice cave in person to see if we can see any clues." Zhang Jiao looked at Yu Duxiu.
Chapter 312 Ice Cave
The cold wind cave, as its name implies, is a deep pothole, which is naturally formed. It is about ten feet deep in Fiona Fang, and cold winds blow out from the mouth of the cave, rendering hundreds of meters around it into a country of ice and snow.
To tell the truth, Jade Duxiu is very curious about this ice cave, so Xue Ju or Liang Yuan can smell it and change color, which shows the magic of this cold wind cave.
"Do you know what cold wind caves make people smell and change color?" Palm teaches jade Duxiu cold wind hole to look at the dark deep tunnel
Jade Duxiu shook his head. Although this cold wind cave blows a cold wind that can freeze the surrounding vegetation, it does not notice anything that smells discolored.
"This freezing is the ancient ancestor’s discovery that this ice cave contains innate ice force in ancient times. Even the ancestor is interested in innate ice force, despite the ancient and medieval times, In the three ancient times, the innate ice force in this ice cave has not dissipated, and there is a wisp of subtle innate ice force wrapped in the cold wind. If the monks take special measures to resist it, they can be abruptly affected by it. Every time the ice force blows, they will be cut. The innate ice force is the most overbearing and can eliminate the vitality of human body’s mana. It is nothing to freeze people alive for a day or two, but if they accumulate over time, they will die sooner or later. "
Jade Duxiu is stupefied and transient, so be careful. It is no longer simple to pull something with innate things, even if it is a little bit of innate power.
"Leader" Jade Duxiu suddenly said
"Huh?" Zhang Jiao looked at Yu Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu said, "Now that Xue Ju can be released, Liang Yuan and others should also be released. Liang Yuan has quite some means to let him monitor Xue Ju just right."
Zhang Jiao nodded. "It’s all right if I go to the ice cave."
When he said this, he saw that the palm taught the whole body to surge in mana to form a mask and jumped in first.
Jade Duxiu also runs mana, followed closely.
Outside, I haven’t felt as if I had just fallen into an ice cave, but I saw a cold wind blowing through with bursts of frost.
Zhang Jiao played it by ear and clung to the wall to avoid this cold wind. Jade Duxiu didn’t know the depth but didn’t know how to avoid it.
"Be careful" palm to teach this hurriedly shouted.
It’s a pity that it was late, but I saw that the cold wind blew over the protective mask of Jade Duxiu, and the ice force of the first deity was instantly broken, which revealed that the magical power of Jade Duxiu was frozen and broken and continued to blow over the body of Jade Duxiu. If it was blown by this cold wind, it would not be possible to say death, chill and suffer from a torture.
It’s too late for Jade Duxiu to display her magical powers again. She is preparing to fight the blow with her flesh, but she sees a glittering and translucent jade pendant on her waist. All the cold is instantly absorbed, even the congenital cold is no exception.
"That is?" Palm teach one leng moment eyes flashed incredible color "ice spirit is ice spirit your little treasure is really bad, incredibly see deluding themselves, didn’t recognize it"
Jade Duxiu looked at the jade pendant and smiled gently. She simply accepted the mana and absorbed the innate ice force with ice spirit.
"You’re a little lucky. First, it’s a magic weapon. Now you even have the natural magic weapon of ice spirit." Palm teaches jealousy. Look at yourself. You’ve worked so hard to plan a big purple light bead. Look at people. First, the southern flame flag is off the ground, then the divination furnace. Now there is a genius treasure ice spirit.
Jade Duxiu Zhang teaches to continue to fall. "This ice spirit is also coincidental. On that day, Cold Water River met Taiyuan Road flyover with clear water. This ice spirit was still snatched from him."
"It’s a clear water road flyover. No wonder this ice spirit is a treasure of heaven and earth. It is absolutely impossible to have two ice spirits. I was still not sure in my previous heart, but now I can be sure." Zhang teaches.
Jade Duxiu has some doubts: "Zhang teaches that the world can’t have two ice spirits? What’s the matter? "
Zhang Jiao chuckled and explained, "The treasures bred by heaven and earth are all rare treasures of genius. Unless a genius treasure is destroyed, a new genius treasure will be derived again. Previously, I saw that your law of returning the ice spirit to this world was broken. It turned out that it was from the old guy with clear water that the Taoist priest grabbed the ice spirit with one hand, and Megatron was even more ice spirit. There were few opponents in the world, and the ice spirit created a great reputation. You can snatch the ice spirit from him. It is really extraordinary."
Looking at Zhang Jiao’s red eyes, Yu Duxiu resolutely swallowed the things of sea animals back into his stomach.
"By the way, when you were cold water river, the cold water river god betrayed you as if you were fighting with each other? Road flyover clear water, the old guy dances like a sea beast, but the ancient heterogeneous natural beast cubs are extraordinary in power, but the waterway gods are invincible when they stand in water. "Zhang teaches a strange way.
Jade Duxiu swallowed the foam and decisively didn’t tell the truth. "There is no absolute enemy in this world."
"That’s right." Just then, I saw a hole in the wall, which was winding and twisted and I didn’t know where it led.
Seeing Yu Duxiu’s puzzled eyes, he taught, "There are monks living in these holes in the wall. Some people practice ice magical powers with the help of ice caves, and some people are punished in the deepest part of the ice caves. The more they go to the surface, the more powerful they are."
Just then, I saw more and more caves in Bishan, and the walls were dense, and I didn’t know how many monks lived.
"That punished monk has to live 5,000 feet, which is a hurdle of 6,000 feet, 7,000 feet, and 9,000 feet. No one has been there except the godfather. Maybe some younger brothers have been there, and maybe there are second-generation brothers in the deepest part of the frozen cold wind cave to resist aging and delay the years. The 9000 feet are scraped out, which is a congenital ice force. If the magical power is great, it is absolutely afraid to go in." Palm teaches and looks at Yu Duxiu cautiously.
Jade Duxiu knows that this ice cave is really extraordinary, and there may be a second-generation brother or a second-generation brother in the ice. That’s the ancient character method, and the power is absolutely horrible to the extreme.
But for a moment, Jade Duxiu knew that she was wrong. Mana was fixed. If it reached a limit, the breakthrough in law would not increase. Even if these old guys were ancient people, the mana would not really reach tens of millions or millions of years.
In the middle of the ice cave, I watched the palm of my hand in the depths of the dark cave, and the magic drummed all over the cold cave. "Punished brother Liang Yuan, Xue Ju and others?"
The sound rumbles towards the depths of the cold wind cave, but when you walk nine thousand feet, you see that the wave is actually frozen by the innate ice force, which shows that this innate ice force is terrible.
Jade Duxiu suddenly thought that if he threw his innate ice spirit into the depths of the ice cave and absorbed the innate ice force, what should he do?
But then he shook his head suddenly and dismissed the idea. In the depths of this ice cave, there may be an old clan antique who relies on the innate ice force to delay the aging of the body and resist the five failures of heaven and man. If you throw your ice spirit into it and produce uncontrollable changes, those old guys will have to rush to chop themselves to death.
This ice cave is the laisheng lair of the old guy, and it will never be destroyed.
"Brother Liang Yuan’s farsightedness taught him to pass his hands" Liang Yuan first flew out. At this time, Liang Yuan’s body was trembling and his whole body was covered with a layer of ice. His skin was livid and his limbs were stiff. His mechanical body mana was surging endlessly. Only a few months ago, Liang Yuan actually became like a living dead, and he did not feel the slightest temperature in his whole body. If there was still a warm breath in his nostrils, he would be a living dead person.
Chapter 313 Cut the past
Liang Yuanfei’s coming to teach without meaning is unhurried, waiting for more than a few people to arrive.
Just a dozen breaths, Xue Ju and others came to the void one after another.
Palm teaching swept a few people but saw a few people with livid skin. If they were dead, there would be no temperature. Occasionally, a little bit of heat would be revealed from the nostrils to let people know that a few people were still alive.
"The Cold Water River has found a wonderful show, and you will forgive your sins if you wait for the intercession seat. I hope that you will encourage yourself to consider not doing anything harmful to the interests of the clan." After that, I flew out with my hands.
Jade Duxiu looked at Liang Yuan and Xue Ju. These people’s faces and muscles were frozen. You couldn’t see the slightest joys and sorrows. There was a trace of joy in your eyes. This ice cave is really not for people to stay alone. Every moment and every breath of ice is still like ice skates.
Jade Duxiu nodded, turned around and followed Zhang Jiao to fly out.
Liang Yuan and others don’t want to stay in this ice cave, and then fly to the mouth of the cave.
Out of the ice cave, I looked at Yu Duxiu. "Now Zongmen is in danger, and you need Zongmen’s efforts to rest in the back seat."