Miha thought it was indeed such a thing!

It’s really hard to get stuck at this point. It seems that it’s really because you’re too arrogant that you ended up like this!
Okay, I shot another thing that I didn’t finish.
Dad told me that it was best not to move more than ten large spiritual resources in this auction. Six spiritual resources have been thrown out before and after this, and Miha felt a little dizzy.
Mihaqi was slightly uneasy, and the auction went on. Soon, the ninetieth auction was held. A Yin fire, a ghost fire, was something that Mihaqi knew was valuable. It should be something that Hiderigami people needed, but would it be as expensive as brother-in-law expected to shoot six large veins?
Miha perked up and began to note that he wanted to bid, but rather that Miha wanted to know whether this thing was worth the price his brother-in-law said.
Yin fire has always been very important to the immortal monks. The ghost fire can become the soul flame of the skeleton family. With the ghost fire, many unconscious skeletons will gradually give birth to wisdom.
The ghost fire is very important to the undead skeleton.
Similarly, the ghost fire has a very strong auxiliary cultivation effect for many undead races. The price of this flame can’t be too low
Of course, according to the conventional auction price, there are only about three large veins at the top.
Sure enough, after reaching this height, the bidding rhythm began to slow down, and Mikhail felt his palms sweating and eager to try.
When the drought begged to shout out three big and four middle schools, Mikhail was a little trembling and a little excited and shouted "four big ones!" "
Anyway, Torre gave me that the consumption of spiritual pulse was ten, and he was exhausted by himself. Anyway, this was his brother-in-law’s own prediction. At the end of the day, there was no spiritual pulse to shoot the sacred crystal, but he couldn’t blame himself
Four big ones
This is really dare to ask for a drought and immediately start to blow your eyes. "M 2, are you crazy? Why do you bite people everywhere? First, I was bitten by you, and now you’re biting me again. Okay, I remember you. You dare to add this ghost fire, it’s you … "
Miha looked at Sun Hao.
Sun Hao nodded unhurriedly
Miha shouted excitedly, "Take back six large seeds …"
Six large ones? Full of uproar! Today, the highest auction price came out. Princess Mi Er is really atmospheric, so the auction price is even more than twice the normal price of the ghost fire, right?
Cry for crying in the mouth and say, "I remember you, M 2. I’ll count you if you do harm to others. You can have six large veins. I don’t want them …"
What? No more? Miha suddenly felt dizzy.
Chapter DiErErJiuQi Brother-in-law terrible
An idea at miha’s heart "brother-in-law, you are too good at cheating, Dad. This property has been instantly defeated by you …"
I really didn’t expect drought to stop this ghost fire!
Miha is dizzy!
Little darling, this jump with my brother-in-law is too exciting
Milo ha you looked at Corleone again.
Corleone shrugged his shoulders and said, "This ghost fire over there can be sold for twenty."
This is really not bragging.
The level of ghost spirit fire is very high, which is quite rare, even if it is not the domain of death, it is also a great supplement for Sun Hao’s inflammation. After the ghost spirit fire came, Sun Hao’s inflammation in his heart was already ready to move, let alone six large spirit veins. Even more Sun Hao had to bring it.
By the time Sun Hao reached this level, he had cultivated Samadhi, a true fire, and Shenyan could react. Did you miss the spiritual fire?
Milo Hayou smiled with wide eyes.
Miha did know the origin of Sun Hao, but I didn’t tell her less, but I knew that I still didn’t understand Sun Hao’s practice very well. I said, "Brother-in-law, it’s two different things over there with this side, okay?" Six large ones here are quite rare, but they are equivalent to twenty over there, not thirty to forty … "
Sun Hao smiled and said, "The price is a trivial matter. It is rare to meet something that interests you."
At this time, the auction house outside announced that "six large spiritual veins congratulate the second princess on taking this rare and extremely mysterious spiritual fire again"
Miha’s heart ached at the handover of resources, and he muttered to himself, "Sister, you have to prove to me that I have gone to twelve large-scale projects this time. It’s not that my fingers itch at the moment, but that my brother-in-law has demand results."
Milo Hayou thought to himself, "Your brother-in-law said the price, but he didn’t really make you so fierce that you were too excited."
Sun Hao said with a smile, "It’s okay. These are all small things. The important thing is that the sacred crystal finale Miha, you can directly bid for ten large ones, so the competitors will be much less …"
Miha fierce bowl mouth said, "brother-in-law, you are my home is a big treasure house. Can you dig it casually? I’m telling you, my dad didn’t give me and my sister too much autonomy. Besides, the two opposite sides are strong. The auction hasn’t even taken anything decent yet … "
Words didn’t say that finish Corleone’s mouth and said, "Miha, call three big ones."
Miha shouted "three big ones!" without thinking.
The ninety-first auction is being held outside.
Just after introducing the auction, others haven’t reacted yet. Miha has called three large ones out.
This thing is called the peerless pearl powder, but it is very rare for the undead. The things produced by pearl mussels are relatively valuable, but they are all old and valuable after 90 years, but they can’t reach the height of three large spiritual veins anyway.
Miha shouted and covered his mouth with one hand. He looked at Corleone in surprise.
It’s over. My brother-in-law killed himself again.
This time, I can’t escape being nicknamed a prodigal family!
The field was a little cold and cheerless. Without hesitation, he shouted a sentence, "You can have it if you add the three majors and one middle school."
This time, without waiting for Sun Hao to speak, Miha glared at Sun Hao and said, "Congratulations, this precious auction is yours!"
Seeing gloating and a little scared at the same time, Michaelson shook his head.
Sun Hao let Miha bid for a reason.
When I entered the auction house, I saw the strange products of the undead domain. Sun Hao found that many things were not available here, which led to the loss of value.
For example, it is estimated that there are not dozens of large-scale spiritual veins that can’t be taken after you meet a master of alchemy who knows the goods in the world.
This is a rare panacea that can increase the success rate of body breaking.
But look at Mikhail’s sample. Sun Hao didn’t force the price increase after hearing the angry roar.
Forget it. Just have fun with Miha.
A large-scale spiritual vein auction worth less than one was auctioned off at a price that was several times higher than the body value.
This auction is really wonderful!
Finally, I was pitted. Miha was so happy that I didn’t want it.
Sun Hao had no heart.
He asked Miha to shoot a few things that were of great help to him. Things were not taken casually.
For example, if someone else shoots this thing, it may be a piece of junk and there is no way.
But in Sun Hao’s hands, perhaps this is a sacred crystal that casts a better foundation. From the root, it is a kind of fascinating crystal. There are impurities in it, and others can’t get rid of Sun Hao. There are ways.