When the meeting was about to start, Yan Feng finally hurried over, covered in dust and looking like a tramp.

"Sorry, Xiang Lian just came back from far away, and he died several times all the way to the base." Yanfeng made some apologies to the surrounding members, then changed his clothes and sat beside Li Xiang Lian.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Buying a warehouse
After everyone was in place, Li Xiangkui stared at the place and someone said, "What do you think is the status of our legion now?"
This issue is like the explosion of the pot, and the whole conference hall is rioting. Everyone is whispering and wondering what the head of the delegation means.
"To tell the truth, I want to hear the truth." He knocked on the desktop as if knocking on everyone’s heart
Yanfeng see no one first made a sample.
"It is true that our legion is in a very inferior position now, but compared with most legions, it has some unique advantages."
Li Xiangkang nodded his head and motioned for him to continue.
Yan Feng smoothed her thoughts and continued to express her views. "The disadvantage is that several large legions of the Dragon Palace now monopolize the resources near the base, and they have abundant funds and many experts, so the policy adaptation is very smooth."
"But our legion is special, because our leader can be said to be a game parent, and his name can be seen in most world notices, so he is a symbol of our legion and a symbol of strength, so that large legions will be afraid of us, and many small and medium-sized legions will be afraid of our opposition. This is what I call advantage."
After Yan Feng finished speaking, Li Xiangkun clapped his hands and gave him a praise expression.
"Yan Feng said it was very good. He said that we are in an embarrassing situation. The summary is that we are not qualified to become a large legion, but it does not belong to the category of a small legion. This kind of scene can easily lead to the abandonment of a legion."
Tai Hu interrupted Li Xiangyu and got up and said, "Boss, that dragon king is so arrogant. Why don’t we give him some color?"
"Sit down!" Lee sang-woon stared his one eye, and the tiger sat down obediently.
"The development speed of Dragon Palace far exceeds our imagination, so it is not that we can compete now." Li Xiangkui’s eyes are cold and he exudes a horrible smell. "But! This does not mean that we will always be trampled by him. I have already found a way to improve the strength of the legion. "
The scene was boiling, and the shame of being tortured and killed by the Dragon Palace a few months ago was deeply buried in everyone’s heart. Their greatest wish was to be able to defeat the Dragon Palace in an upright manner. This sentence just poked their hearts, so how can they not be excited?
"The colonel should be able to improve our strength. My old cow is the first to blow up the dragon king’s pig head!" A strong player is dancing with a huge axe in his hand.
"I’ve heard that there are many experts in Dragon Palace, and I’d like to have a good training with them." The original green sword has already been replaced by the waist scabbard, which is more luxurious than the black hilt, and it reveals a cold spirit.
"and me!"
"How can such a thing forget me!"
More and more people come out to echo Li Xiangkun.
It’s good to see these young people with boiling blood with satisfaction that they are really young!
"In that case, I won’t sell it anymore. I think everyone has heard that the mysterious field belongs to us for six days. This is an excellent opportunity for us. I hope everyone will cherish it."
They will rewrite the fate of the weak at this moment when they shout in unison throughout the conference room.
According to the strength level of the members, there are different training programs for different groups
The intensity of elite training will naturally be great, and more skills will be required, while players with weaker strength and qualifications will also carry out step-by-step training and constantly break the limit.
After all the arrangements are made, what is needed now is an independent venue where the troops can be sent, but the resident system is not open yet, so we can buy a warehouse as a temporary resident first.
After the meeting was dissolved, Li Xiangkun immediately went to the base housing management office with several senior officials.
A slightly obese woman sat chatting and playing with her mobile phone. She got up excitedly and shouted, "Welcome to the rent management office! I wonder what you need? "
A few people were startled by this enthusiastic posture and almost went to the wrong store.
"Excuse me, are there any abandoned warehouses?" Li Xiangkui looked at the store decoration and cut to the chase
"The warehouse? You wait! " The woman frowned, turned and walked to the front of a wall and pressed it open.
It can be seen that the topographic map of the surrounding area of the whole base shows that the color of each area is different.
"There are all the houses around here. Red stands for dense staff and green stands for sparse staff. I wonder what area you want?" The woman pointed to the topographic map and asked politely.
Li Xiangkui stared at the whole map and thought about buying his own warehouse. Although the purpose is to place the array on the surface, such an important place must be guarded, so it is no different from a small station.
Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose a sparsely populated place without attracting the attention of other forces.
The most important point is naturally that the price base land price must be higher than the external land price, and considering the current economic capacity, we can also consider cheap places.
"I want to choose the abandoned warehouse outside the base." Li Xiangkun made a choice after weighing the pros and cons.
Tiger eyes a stare just want to speak to refute was stopped by yanfeng good stamping stamping continue to look at.
The woman was startled by Li Xiangkui’s words, and she almost fell to the ground with glasses on her broad nose.
"Young man, are you kidding? There are variants everywhere outside. You are suspected of dying! "
Li Xiangkun shook his head. He could have expected her reaction. Who would voluntarily give up the military shelter and go out to die in this era of zombies everywhere?
"Excuse me, is there? If not, I’ll ask somewhere else. "
The woman immediately shook her head and took a few quick steps to stop Li Xiangkun from leaving. How can this rare business be let go in vain?
"There are! There’s one outside the warehouse. Yes! However, I still suggest that it is most important for you to choose the base department! " The woman earnestly persuaded her not to give up saving this "mentally retarded" youth.
Li Xiangrui smiled and declined again to let that charming women screen a warehouse that met the requirements.
After selection, Li Xiangkun took a fancy to two warehouses, one located at the edge of the forest, which used to be a place to put trees, and the other located in the canyon. The terrain and transformation can form a natural protective layer.
"What are the prices of these two places?"
The woman pushed the glasses table and rummaged through a few piles of documents, and finally found two documents.
"If the warehouse in the forest sold for 4 million before the end of the world, but the situation is different now, and the surrounding area is very dangerous, almost no one will buy it, so the price is only 100 thousand."
At this point, the woman’s eyes became a little weird. She stared at another document for a long time and slowly said, "I suggest you not consider another warehouse."
"What’s the matter? Is there anything wrong with that warehouse? " Li Xiangkui asked anxiously that he had chosen the one in the canyon when he came, and it was difficult to be excited when he heard this.
"There is no problem, but …" The woman frowned more tightly. "But there are many abandoned towns near that warehouse. I heard that the local variants are very strong and numerous."
"Don’t say! I’ll take it. Make an offer! " Li Xiangkun directly interrupted her words and could not help but refuse to say
The woman looked at him strangely and finally took out the contract and put it in front of him.
"I’ll sell you 30 thousand for this warehouse. Good luck!"
Li Xiangkun signed his name and shook hands with the woman to express his gratitude.
"ding ~"
[Congratulations on your successful purchase of a warehouse. You can modify it at will. Since you are the first player to buy a house, you are hereby given a fixed gun *5 fixed machine guns *525 mercenaries. The reward will be paid automatically when you arrive at the house.]
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Sports car modification
At this time, Li Xiangkun’s map navigation saw a special logo with two words "warehouse" written in a box. It seems that this is convenient for players to find the address of the house they bought, or wouldn’t it be embarrassing to buy a house and not find it?
"Are you going to go to the warehouse together or wait until the renovation is finished?" Lee sang-woon looked behind them and asked.
Several big men have no interest in decoration design, and have not decided to wait until the renovation is completed to see the results and highly praise and flatter his design ability.
Ai Xuelai was going to join in the fun, but when she saw the scene, she restrained her curiosity and retreated.
After all, it would make her feel very embarrassed to let her walk with a couple who are in love with each other.
No way. Li Xiangkui said to them with some regret, don’t take Lin Mo to a place not far away.
It’s still that small white building with a cooler black sports car parked. When Xiaohei saw Li Xiangkang, he immediately flew excitedly.
"Master, you can finally come! That woman with big breasts always bullies me! You have to avenge me! "
Li Xiangkun’s face was a little stiff. He slowly turned to look at Lin Mo around him with a smile. "This is my car."
"Big-breasted woman? Who’s the big-breasted girl! Are you flirting outside! " Lin Mo squinted calmly and looked at Li Xiang’s sound as if it were squeezed out through his teeth.
Lee sang-soo heard that the event was not good and immediately pointed to Xiaohe and scolded, "Xiaohe! Didn’t I tell you not to give your little friend such an indecent name! "
"I …" The little black koo blinked before explaining what was Li Xiang’s back.
"You what you! I didn’t admit my mistake when I did something wrong. I will punish you for a quiet day! "
"It’s okay! Don’t bully Blackie so much. Come to my sister here. My sister protects you. "Lin Mo complained that Li Xiangkui had a bad temper. She stretched out her hand and let Blackie touch her face with the palm of her hand.