It is still a discovery.

Liang Daochang’s face shows a smile. It is a little difficult for the little shark to find the flying car.
But good long heart at this time is not very calm.
It’s really beyond his expectation that someone can drive a speed car.
According to the truth, there should be no one in this world who can drive the flying car except the flying donkey. The reason is very simple: the strength of God can not meet the driving requirements.
Driving a flying car requires two conditions. First, it is relatively simple to drive a large array with a few accomplishments in array law. Many array masters in this world can do it. Second, the strength of god’s knowledge, this condition is rarely achieved.
The strength of divine knowledge does not refer to the ability of divine knowledge coverage, but to the quality of divine knowledge, which is the same as the difference between the same volume of water drops and heavy water and ordinary water. If it is an ordinary water sample, divine knowledge can’t drive the flying car. At least, it must reach the level of binary heavy water to drive the flying car.
It’s hard to see the strength of god knowledge like this!
Sun Hao’s face flushed slightly.
To tell the truth, Sun Hao didn’t expect that the difficulty of driving a flying car would be so great. Just careless, he almost couldn’t send it to the scheduled position.
Try harder next time.
I don’t know if Liang Daochang has been horrified. Someone can drive a flying car. Sun Hao thinks so.
Chapter DiYiYiSiQi Magic Speed 2
The great white shark in the ancient North Sea has a terrible ability after mutation. It can control the Xuan Bing in the glacier to form a burst ice spear and the ice cone to form a locked attack.
After floating on the water, the great white shark is still very agile, swimming freely in the glacier, and sinking into the ice water at a very fast speed. The dorsal fin can impact the blood basin with a big mouth and a sharp tooth, and the ability to swing is also heart-pounding.
The ice wall erected by the monks in the Holy Palace can also be bitten by great white sharks, and crunching in their mouths is like chewing rock sugar.
Whether it’s Xuan Bing spear or great white shark’s sharp teeth, it has full penetration ability, and ordinary defense roots can’t resist it
It is very difficult to fight against the great white shark. If you are not careful, it will break through the defense and attack the monk.
Okay, there’s a magic flying car at the scene
Every time the great white shark breaks through the defense of the holy palace and is about to cause effective killing.
The flying car will always appear just in time to make the great white shark come back.
Liang Daochang has completely said that he simply leans against the flying car and dozes off. Anyway, this thing has something to do with his flying car. The direction is that the great white shark attacks the flying car and doesn’t attack the great white shark. That’s all. It seems that the rules can’t limit it, right?
The flying donkey lay quietly with its eyes half open, and it felt a sense of crisis. Niang, this flying car is not that you can’t move without the donkey. Should a good owner kill the donkey?
Without the defense, the friar of Gu You Sheng Gong gradually gained the wind.
After a long battle, the great white shark sank to the bottom of the sea and rushed again. After some fighting, it was lost in the first gear of the measuring car and ran aground in the ice water.
Jian Shuang and Xia Qingyu took the opportunity to explode.
The sword is double, Wan Jian belongs to a sunny summer, the red tassel gun is sold, and a sword and a gun are shot to explode a pair of dead fish eyes of the great white shark.
The great white shark dived into the sea and fled, wailing and wounded.
However, it didn’t escape far. In the ice water, a large area of silkworm-penetrating insects attached to the wounds of both eyes appeared. In less than a moment, the great white shark with a huge body was eaten by ice silkworm insects like mulberry leaves, and soon it turned into a skeleton and sank to the bottom of the sea.
And ice silkworm, who ate the great white shark, disappeared into the ice water before the monks began to work.
The underground glacier world seems to be as vast as the North Sea in the past, and there are many North Sea animals like great white sharks hidden inside.
Xia Qingyu frowned deeply.
It is even very difficult to find and deal with ice silkworm in ancient times.
Moreover, pretending to be dead when the flying donkey comes or not can give you an early warning, but it will greatly reduce the efficiency of finding ice silkworm.
Many changes have taken place since the ice silkworm mutation. For example, there are a lot of ice silkworm in glaciers, which are undoubtedly hatched by ice silkworm in the ages. Once ice silkworm finds a monk to send him, it will be terrible.
It can be predicted that if ice silkworm cannot eliminate the world of ice and snow, it will face extinction.
The great white shark disappeared, and the face of Liang Daochang also showed a dignified look. His eyes opened and he drank a lot. "The donkey got up and did something. If you can’t find the blade, I’ll stew your donkey whip …"
The flying donkey was shocked. Just now, I was afraid that the good master would kill the donkey, but now it has been upgraded to a donkey whip stew. This is really a life-threatening event.
Dare not neglect the flying donkey’s fart-jumping and running to pull up the flying car’s mouth. "Uh-oh …" The long hiss pulled up the flying car’s ice and galloped into the glacier.
The attraction of bean flour and the pressure of the donkey whip stew fully stimulated the potential of flying donkeys.
The amount of cars turns into a shadow, and it gallops at full speed.
Xia Qingyu and other monks of the Holy Palace followed the glacier and advanced rapidly.
Many times, as soon as their figure rushes away, there will be a monster in the sea jumping through the ice and then slamming on the ice.
In the deep and remote Leng Bingchuan, the speed car ran rapidly for more than three hours and stopped suddenly in front of a huge glacier.
Flying donkeys can’t afford to play dead when they fall heavily again.
Liang Daochang’s eyes flashed with divine light. "Dear Taoist friends, be careful. ice silkworm is nearby."
The monks feel different when they wake up to the surrounding environment.
The atmosphere is quite depressing, as if the glacier were oppressing everyone.
It’s biting cold. Xue Rujie and Xue Runan’s faces are flushed, but their lips are trembling gently. Even if they are holy brothers, they can’t bear the cold.
There is still strange sea water on the glacier surface, but there is a thin layer of ice fog covering the whole sea surface.
The monks with protective deities also appeared a little frost on their bodies.
Occasionally exhaling a breath directly forms an icicle, and it doesn’t fall when it freezes.
The whole thing seems to be frozen.
Xia Qingyu’s gods moved, and the monk of the Holy Palace quickly took over the battle, holding a sword and floating on the ice, slowly moving and waiting for the battle. At the same time, he began to explore everywhere, trying to find the location of ice silkworm in ancient times.
Ice silkworm has a deep body, and it’s probably near everyone.
But when I got here, the friar could feel the extreme cold, but he could not feel its specific location.
In other words, monks can be passively beaten.
Wei Bing’s teeth chattered in the speed car and said, "There are always some living habits that are difficult to change when ice silkworm talks about variation. I have some special mulberry leaves here that should have some effects. See if you can lure them out …"
Say that finish wrist a vibration a huge leaves like mulberry leaves fly to Xue Ru male.
Wei Bing once again said, "Little boy, you can see the result when you are cold and energetic …"
Xue Ru’s male face is flushed and he hates not stabbing Wei Bing with two swords, but he can also catch mulberry leaves naively.
According to Wei Bing, Zhenyuan spat on the mulberry leaf page.
When mulberry leaves shake, thin lines appear on the page as if they were waves and handed out.
Sun Hao’s heart moved slightly. This mulberry leaf is more like a special symbol. I didn’t expect this Wei Bing to have some means.
Generally speaking, in ice silkworm, the spirit beast has acquired considerable wisdom and can control itself.
If Wei Bing’s mulberry leaves have no special work, even they won’t have any special effects in the end.
Wei Bing heart at this time also drums carefully asked "eldest brother you this thing is not reliable? Don’t try to lose your impression if you don’t perform well. "
Hao Anyi came over. "Don’t worry, this mulberry leaf operator is refined for the weakness of ice silkworm and evil spirits. If this operator can’t make it appear, you can wait for it to suddenly attack …"
Mulberry leaves ripple out and the horse reacts near the silent glacier.
There are small bumps on the ice, and a lot of them penetrate through ice silkworm and break through the ice. It seems that food has been found, and it keeps crawling in the direction of mulberry leaves.
In less than a moment, a dense layer of ice silkworm has appeared on the ice.