A huge wave suddenly hit and scattered their bamboo rafts.

Liang Ping was the first person to fall into the water, and his knee hit a sharp boulder, and he immediately opened a big mouth.
Liang Ping is stuffy hum a, although the pain is tearful, but look at the other children are scattered by the flood, and several people are involved in the water by a huge whirlpool, and their lives are worrying.
I can force myself to calm down and drag a broken leg to save those children who are involved in the water.
With strong willpower, I finally dragged a comatose child to the shore, but the child was already dead.
Other children have also been washed away by the fierce flood.
So Liang Ping and his adoptive father were expelled from that poor mountain village.
When they left, they had no money and food, and they couldn’t get a ride.
How many times you walk through the deep forests, you can pick some wild fruits in the mountains to eat.
It never rains but it pours.
The thunder sounded to one ear indicates that they are about to encounter a thunderstorm.
There are caves in the mountains, where they can hide from the rain.
There is some dry wood in the cave and traces of life fire.
They also made a fire in the cave.
All day long, they were blocked by heavy rain, and their roots could go.
The adoptive father laughed and said, "How about having fun in the cave?"
Liang Ping smiled innocently.
Picking up some small stones in the cave
Xiaoshitou has been playing chess for a whole day.
Seeing night arrival, the heavy rain finally stopped.
The mountain breeze is cold and weird at night.
Several night shadows remind people of many bad dirty things.
The mountain has just been baptized by a heavy rain, and the ground is still muddy.
It is also because of the muddy ground that they pay more attention to their own feet and ignore the night terror.
Finally, I walked into a Chinese fir forest and saw a fast’ re standing outside the Chinese fir forest
It’s a way to see what’s written on that side with blood-red characters on it.
But looking intently at the blood-red Chinese characters is like a person spilling blood, which is still dripping slowly.
"Dad, look at what that is."
Liang Ping finally stopped and tugged at his adoptive father’s hand and hid behind him in horror and asked
Adoptive father heard one leng, "Why didn’t I see anything?"
Liang Ping pointed to the piece of’re blood-red characters and said in horror, "That’s the dad. Look what that is."
"Why didn’t I see it?" The adoptive father still said.
Liang Ping is a face of tension and looks up at the adoptive father’s face.
See adoptive father face covered with maggots, a pair of original essence eyes was climbed out of two black snakes.
Liang Ping released his adoptive father’s hand in horror, but found that his left arm was also covered with glistening maggots.
That’s a huge number. It’s a real calculation
But those maggots got into Liang Ping’s wrist and elbow in a strange way.
Liang Ping flustered and slapped his hands. The maggots tried several times to knock off waves after waves.
What is even more frightening is that those maggots that have got into their bodies have turned into black mouse excrement like burning.
"Lying in the trough!"
Liang Ping exclaimed this word for the first time, full of tension and fear.
Seeing the adoptive father suddenly covered with maggots, his mouth was soft and he asked, "What are you doing? Your hands are all red."
Liang Ping didn’t dare to answer his adoptive father’s words, but turned around in a panic and ran away.
The Chinese fir leaves on the ground suddenly turned into maggots all over the ground and crawled towards Liang Ping’s body crazily.
He tried to dodge and finally burst into tears.
I can shout and finally see a group of people coming this way with torches in their hands in the distance.
One of them kept shouting, "Liang Ping, where are you? Come out and we’ll save you!"
Liang Ping heard the speech and was preparing for a big response, only to find himself rooted in it.
"Lying in the trough!"
My heart secretly cursed, "What’s the matter with this M!"
I want to get rid of the maggots as soon as possible.
Those maggots crawl into the skin and you can see them crawling slowly through the skin.
I suddenly have a feeling of wanting to unload my body, and I have a disgusting feeling of wanting to commit suicide.
It was at that moment that he finally got close to those who were carrying torches.
He finally stopped when he saw their faces clearly.
"Chen Hai"
Liang Ping can actually shout out this person’s name.
"Yes, I’m Chen Hai. I’m the director of the design department of the online game business department of Shengshi Tuanqi. I’d like to invite you to join our company and become the backbone of the company."
Liang Ping looked stunned.
What’s even weirder is that at the moment I saw Chen Hai, his maggots were gone and the world in front of him was no longer dark and remote.
The huge office is surrounded by tempered glass walls, and the venetian blind can be remotely controlled.
"Wow, this is your office. It’s so atmospheric!" Liang Ping exclaimed when he found that his body had grown into a 2-year-old.