Killing God was calm and said, "The fox finally showed its tail."

Shen Jianing to react immediately.
"Is that man a water mark?"
God’s hands fell behind him, and the gray fur coat fluttered in the morning breeze and nodded calmly. "It seems that his strength can never be relegated to a crescent assassin."
"What do you mean?" Shen Jianing suddenly felt that there was a profound meaning in the speech of killing God.
Killing the gods is also in Shen Jianing’s fine face. Glancing at it, Hehe smiled. "Nalan Hall is the main pioneer of the Wolf clan guild. I decided to raise the water mark and the leader of Nalan Hall will hold 20,000 vanguard elites."
Shen Jianing is a little confused.
But killing God smiled with confidence and said, "The Wolf clan guild has strict discipline, even if it is necessary to execute a small man, it also needs enough reasons. Worse, the water mark is that the crescent assassin of the Wolf clan guild needs more reasons to kill him."
Shen Jianing if think nodded his head.
However, seeing that Xiao Fei is weak and his body is shaking more severely, he is eager to say, "Please give it to you, Shen Jianing. Even if you can’t successfully complete it, you must save your life and return safely."
Shen Jianing smell speech at killing god smiled slightly "this you can rest assured".
Yu Xiaofei’s feet are inconvenient to move, and his feet are bloody if he doesn’t walk far.
Shen Jianing see in the eye suddenly have a sense of sadness is to small non-strong body back up in the wind and sand slowly walked towards nine deep and remote to the northeast’s group.
Looking at Shen Jianing’s far-away back, he looked worried until he couldn’t see it and finally turned around and rushed back to the Wolf Cave.
The brothers gathered in the Temple of God again and got a new understanding of the eye situation.
However, they are most concerned about the water mark incident, the killing of Zong Ze incident, the small non-disability incident and Liang Ping’s whereabouts.
Liang Ping has been in the extremely cold water prison of the heroes for a full hour at the moment.
According to ale, if he can’t leave here in an hour, he will leave this place forever.
Liang Ping was soaked in an extremely icy pool, and his whole head was frozen.
But through the ice, you can see that he has a serene smile and seems to be scared.
Qunyinghui No.1 hall
The fact that love killed Zong Ze has freed him from the suspicion of espionage, and no one is fighting for love.
But ale is always a little more dissatisfied when she looks at love.
Huang Shao sent a group of heroes to kill the underground boss.
There are only a few killers and four heavenly kings left in Hall 1.
Huang Shao glanced at them one by one in public, and the eyes were full of cold and faint murder.
Finally, he fixed his eyes on ale and said, "I wonder if any of you know where Li Huateng went."
Ale smell speech see Huang Shaozheng coldly looking at his eyebrows locked immediately but also dare not answer.
Huang Shao had a great silence and finally waved impatiently at everyone. "Come on, come on, I want to come to Li Huateng. Something has happened to everyone."
Everyone is ready to quit Hall 1 without saying a word.
Huang Shao suddenly waved at Linda and said, "Linda, you stay."
Chapter 24 Full House Do Not Disturb
The crowd withdrew from Hall 1.
Linda wore a high bun today, which made her look fuller and her face more rounded.
Hearing Huang Shao’s command, she was dismayed. Looking back at Huang Shao’s beautiful eyes full of sunshine, she was a little more playful and flexible like a water snake. When she turned around, she faced her figure and Huang Shao was slightly petite.
Today, she didn’t stop at Huang Shao’s face and look behind Huang Shao stunned and asked, "Is there anything else for the president?"
Huang Shao looked at Linda and saw a little refusal from Linda’s face, but he didn’t hesitate to come straight to the point and asked, "In your opinion, Li Huateng died at the hands of people."
Linda smell speech rarely smiled indifferently. "Hehe, it’s hard for me to decide whether the president and ale are negotiating to let Li Huateng monitor the situation, but we know about the situation. If he kills Li Huateng, it can’t be so easy."
Huang Shaowen heard a silence, took a deep breath and spit it out for a long time. Finally, he waved at Linda and said softly, "You also go first."
Linda’s bright red corners of her mouth showed a faint smile. If she didn’t stay in Hall 1, she was smart enough to leave.
Love and Xiangxiang whispered something in the north yard. Seeing Linda coming out of Hall No.1, Xiangxiang covered her chest and whispered, "What can I do for President Linda?"