Feng Jiang Yi raised her hand and stroked Chang Xiang’s red lips. "I miss you for so many days. Are you going to be so angry with me?" At that time, I was wrong, but as soon as I saw you playing "Feng Qiu Huang" with other men, I just … What’s wrong with playing "Feng Qiu Huang" together? "

I often miss some indignation about how I immersed myself in him.
I should have slapped him in the kiss just now, but wouldn’t I have done it now?
She also enjoys it!
"I don’t male playing what you what? I often miss being unmarried and having my own choice of men! But you broke the piano as soon as you came here for no reason! I am afraid of you if you are fierce? "
Feng Jiang’s clothes didn’t come back. She leaned over and held her in her arms. These days, I miss her until now.
"This half a month I can always miss you outside. Look at you, you heartless. I want to quarrel with me as soon as I come back! I came back here without saying that I would throw away that group of people and come to your side. You are so angry with me! "
Feng Jiang’s clothes sound a little wronged, and those eyes are full of sorrow. "You are not married yet, but you know that I like you. I can’t control my anger when I see you with another man, not to mention the pianist and the man who is walking around in the snow. I am also jealous!"
His arms are still as usual, but there is a little less medicine. It seems that his body and injuries are all better
Chang Xiangsi was so tightly held in his arms by him that he confessed that he also ate vinegar in Nangong.
Stuffed in his arms, he often misses everything with a nasal voice. "Qing Mu Gong is my father. Please come and teach me to learn the piano. I didn’t expect that he once met the pianist who painted the boat when Xiao Mu invited us to visit the lake. Do you remember?"
Feng Jiang Yi nodded and saw that she was held in her arms, but he couldn’t see it. "I was angry only when I remembered it!" You didn’t see him less that day! "
It’s good to think of Nangong Su’s homesickness and explain that "it’s Nangong Su who was sent by my father to protect my safety when I walked through the snow. I was assassinated in my yard a few days ago, and later I went back to Qingyun Pavilion and found that many scorpions were put in my snow-walking room. My father worried about my safety and sent Nangong Su to stay with me to protect my safety."
"I just can’t see you with other men!"
Gently rubbing her dark soft hair and pink dress, she bowed her head and felt a fierce sense of smell all over her heart. The fragrance made his heart gradually soft and finally fell a kiss on her forehead.
"Acacia, I really regret that I didn’t insist that Yi Lee stay with you when I left. Earlier, you were assassinated, but the other party handled it too cleanly and then was assassinated … I will definitely find out who is behind it!"
"My dad in the house also asked the Nangong Su housekeeper to intervene in this matter, and I also asked the snow to investigate it. It seems that the other party often does such things, otherwise it would not be handled so neatly!"
"Ting Yun said in the snow that where is your arm injury?"
Feng Jiang’s clothes will let her go and check her injury, but I don’t know which hand was injured.
"It’s been many days, no problem!"
Acacia is not a delicate girl’s wound, and it has been much better for so many days.
Feng Jiang’s dress was still anxiously stroking her sleeve to reveal her slender white arm, and she saw a long scar on her arm, a finger long and scabbed across the perfect place.
"How to hurt? But was injured by an assassin? "
"It’s a long story. Wait till I get back to Xiangfu and show you something!"
Speaking of which, acacia often seems a bit heavy.
Feng Jiang’s clothes gently caressed that scar. "I have some scar-removing medicine over there. I’ll bring it to you later and rub it on time so that the scar won’t fall."
With that, Feng Jiang Yi held her in her arms again, feeling that it’s good to be quiet and talk to him now.
He missed her for so many days.
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I often miss him and see that his mood is stable. I can’t help laughing and raising my hand. His waist rests quietly in his arms.
Just now, the two men were still full of gunpowder. At this time, it seems a little warm to embrace each other.
The wind blew through the garden, and the flowers and fragrance curled away.
When I got back to my residence, I saw Yi Lee rushing over to see both of them here, which was a great relief.
"Report can find you! The emperor is looking for you. He is going to let you live in the palace these days, and nine princes will have a welcome banquet tonight. "
"The king has to meet people back what else to do? Just say that the king is not feeling well and won’t attend tonight! "
"… the emperor also asked Chang Xiang to take Huei-fang into the palace tonight. Don’t you go, my Lord?"
Feng Jiang’s clothes are contrary to his attitude just now. "In that case, isn’t it too early for the king to enter the palace later?" If you have nothing to do, just retire! "
She often frowns. She really doesn’t want to enter the palace!
Can you pretend to be sick?