"Yi blunt virtual how do you hold a tub in your hand? Also got a suit of water. "

"Brother Tianxu, listen to me." Maybe he was a little afraid of this brother Tianxu and rushed to explain to Tianxu the cause and effect of his morning class today. After hearing the baby crying and saving the baby, he felt that the baby was in a bad state and hurried back.
Tianxu took the wooden basin and looked at Zhang Ping. He took the pulse for Zhang Ping and said, "Okay, I know, although your impatience hasn’t changed, this time you have done a great thing. The child is estimated to have not eaten or drunk for a long time and suffered a little cold on the river, but his body should be excellent. I think he is also over one year old. I will take him to eat some porridge and fry some medicine for him. That is, you should go back and freshen up and change some clothes. Don’t feel cold and go with me to see the master later."
"Brother Bai, I’ll go first."
"Well, go."
So chong Xu ran back to his room like an amnesty, and Tian Xu took Zhang Ping to the kitchen.
Chapter III Early Qing Dynasty
It is said that after Zhang Ping was rescued from the river, he went to the kitchen to drink porridge with Taoist Tianxu. Zhang Ping widened his eyes in Taoist Tianxu’s arms and looked hard at porridge in the pot. For a person who has not seen food for decades and is starving to death, porridge in the pot is the most beautiful thing in the world.
"Hungry, little guy, come and eat porridge with a small mouth." A face of seriousness is so kind to Zhang Ping at this time. Zhang Ping opened his own bloody mouth like a hungry tiger, and rushed to the spoon in the hand of the virtual Taoist.
"Slow down, slow down, little guy. No one is fighting with you. Don’t choke." Tianxu looked at Zhang Ping and quickly withdrew the spoon for fear of choking Zhang Ping.
At this time, Zhang Ping kept shouting "Eat …" and it became "Whoa, whoa …" and "Don’t worry, little horse is for you". Then he scooped a small spoonful of pure soup in a bowl and fed it to Zhang Ping.
After drinking a large bowl of rice soup, Zhang Ping felt unprecedented satisfaction, so he performed quite well in eating. He was held by Tian Xu and went to see their master with Chong Xu.
In a wing behind the Piandian, an old Taoist priest with a crane method and a child’s face sits on one of the fairy tables, a birch bed and an altar sacrifice. There is a big avenue hanging on the wall of Sanqing futon, which is natural and mysterious.
"Bang, bang, bang …" "Master and brother Tian Xu (Chong Xu) asks for an audience."
"Jin" is a dignified and deep voice, and both of them just pushed the door and pushed it in.
"I know what happened. Your brother Lingxu has explained the cause and effect of this incident to me. It is very good for you to save a life and save a life. It is good for you to be impatient."
"Xie Shi Zun’s teachings" rushed to salute.
"I might as well ask you what you are going to do in the future?"
"I dare not go beyond the disposal of my brother by the master." Tianxu quickly arrived.
"After seven years old, you can reward the good and punish the evil. You should be the teacher’s successor, and your kung fu is the most exquisite among several brothers-in-law. From now on, you can decide this matter by yourself unless you derive a death event. I will announce that you will officially take over the leader after you leave for Chivalrous Island recently."
"Master, don’t go. If it’s a big deal, we’ll fight with them." Tianxu and Chongxu both agreed to persuade them.
"Don’t you listen to the teacher’s words? Chivalrous Island rewards the good and punishes the evil messenger’s debut to resist the disobedient sects. I have never lived alive. I have lived for more than 50 years by virtue of the great kindness of the sects. It is time for me to serve the sects. I have made up my mind to do this. You two don’t have to persuade you to practice martial arts diligently and strive for harmony from now on, and I will live up to my responsibilities. I have taught you Tianxu all these years. Now let’s talk about your views on this child."
"It’s predestined that my master was saved by my Qingguan, and I think it’s only a year old and hungry for nearly a day, and crying is so loud that it shows that this talent is different, so my brother is willing to accept this disciple to raise him, and he hopes that he will become the mainstay of my Qingguan one day."
"Show me this."
"Master, please see" Tianxu respectfully reported Zhang Ping to take a ride.
"This came to my wing without crying or making trouble. His eyes are full of divine light and his bones are well-proportioned and brawny. It is really a good talent. You should teach him well. Maybe I will give him a clear pulse." Then he gave Zhang Ping back to Tianxu.
"I should try my best to teach this to live up to the high hopes of the master."
"All right, you go."
"Yes, my brother excused himself."
Tianxu and Chongxu bid farewell to Yucheng and returned to Tianxu wing with Zhang Ping.
At this moment, Zhang Ping was thinking, "The name Chongxu is familiar. I seem to have a little impression that he seems to be a very powerful sect leader, and his Tai Chi swordsmanship is superb. I think this is a tribute to his senior martial brother. I must learn from his swordsmanship in the future …"
Tianxu and Chongxu discussed Zhang Ping in the room at this time.
"Brother, I knew he was a good material for practicing martial arts as soon as I heard him crying in the morning class."
"Come on, don’t be poor. He is a martial arts material, but how to raise him is a problem. You know, no one in Qingguan Liji has the experience of raising a one-year-old child. Generally, we have to be around six or seven years old to learn from the teacher. It seems that I am still ill-considered." Tianxu sighed as he said.
"Brother, why don’t we send him to Sister Min, who can always take good care of him, and what happened to Sister Min and Brother Shi two years ago may make Sister Min feel better, and it’s not too late for us to take him back to Guanli to learn when he grows up."
"That’s a good idea. I have to discuss this matter with Shi Shidi and Min Shimei and make a decision again and again."
"That’s a good senior, I’ll go to do the morning class first." Chong Xu said to Zhang Ping, "Little fellow, you have to wait for me to find a good mother for you in a few days."
"If you want to leave, where can you get so much nonsense? Besides, can he understand such a child?" When I heard that Tianxu was seriously reprimanded for Chongxu, I quickly left Tianxu’s room in the best flying state.
Tianxu put Zhang Ping in a small basin covered with mattress after rushing away. He found that Zhang Ping was asleep with his hands clasped in his abdomen and his legs straight. He touched Zhang Ping’s little face and went out to find the younger brother who was in charge of daily necessities.
"Is Brother Yuan Xu busy today?" Tianxu went to the round virtual room and asked
"Brother, why are you here? What can I do for you? I know brother, you are not in the Three Treasures Hall. What can I do for you today?" Yuan Xu walked over to Tian Xu and said
"Brother, the main purpose of my coming here is to ask you to send a message to Brother Shi and his wife, asking them to come to Guanli recently and tell them that I have something important to discuss with them."
"But, brother, what’s the emergency? Do you still need to be in such a hurry to bring back Shi and his wife?" Round virtual doubt asked.
"Did you know that Brother Chong Xu brought back a child this morning?" Return to the sky
"Know what’s the matter with this child? Maybe you want to let Shi and his wife adopt this child? "
"Almost I have decided to accept this apprentice, but he is still young and it is inconvenient to live in Guanli, so I want to give him to Shi Shaoshi and his wife to raise him until he grows up, and then take him to Guanli to learn."
"I see. Then I’ll take a message to Brother Shi. Is there anything else?"
"Without it, in this case, I’ll be leaving now."
"Good brother, walk slowly"
But our pig’s foot Zhang Ping is thinking at this time, "What stone teacher younger brother Min Shimei has no impression? I can’t remember what this kind of person is called. It should always be a very important person. I rushed to the virtual martial uncle and I used Tai Chi swordsmanship." So there were waves of babies crying again in the virtual wing.
In the Taoist temple, Zhang Ping spent a stable day after his arrival. After the sun went down, Zhang Ping immediately waited for this exciting moment, so his soul jumped to the body again. This time, he was full of food and nothing important, so he could observe his body carefully.
After the out-of-body experience, his body still maintained its original mode of operation, breathing as well as posture as if he were asleep.
Zhang Ping’s soul body came to the front of Tianxu, who was meditating with five hearts in the air, and his hand touched Tianxu’s forehead. As a result, Tianxu accidentally wore the past, but Tianxu felt like it. After several turns around Tianxu, he found that Tianxu body had something flowing besides blood.
So Zhang Ping carefully observed this kind of thing, which is probably the so-called qi bar that he couldn’t practice before and after his life. In that mystery, although qi was in the body and operated in his own way, his body was made up of qi at that time, which was very different from now, and the properties of the two kinds of qi were not the same.
In order to test his own ideas, Zhang Ping flew around in the Taoist temple looking for other people. After verification, most people in the Taoist temple felt this kind of gas flowing, especially an old Taoist spirit gave Zhang Ping a particularly strong feeling.